Romantic Proposal Ideas For the Outdoors

A Stroll on a Beach

When she wants: A fairy tale romance.
Advantages: This approach is tried and tested. You are allowing nature to do your work for you – the gentle waves upon the shore, the cozy feeling of beach sand between your toes, the delicate ambiance of twilight.
Disadvantages: Loud kids, critters that live on the beach. Needless to say, investigate your beach destination beforehand and be sure it is private and safe.

A Hike

When she wants: Well… hiking!
Advantages: For the lady who would rather waste an hour at a sports outfitter than a jewelry store, you can do worse than make it a day hike to some lovely lookout. Research your options and seek out the ideal locations – waterfalls, mountains and grassy hills, spectacular views, things like that. Load up an alfresco meal that features wine and her favorite food. Pro Tip: Don’t think about trying to hide her ring underneath a rock, as it may not be there anymore when you arrive.
Disadvantages: Should your getaway is too well-known, it could be loaded up with vacationers, scouts, as well as those odd hikers who wander using with ski-pole-things. Contemplate going someplace off the trails or less populated.

The Place Where You First Met

When she wants: You.
Advantages: We love this approach because it is personal. Depending upon the locale, this will demand a bit of inventiveness on your part. Did you first connect at a park playing frisbee? No problem. More difficult, however, if you met at a dance club.
Disadvantages: Needless to say this is entirely dependent upon the setting, but what you might do is integrate the place into a more intricate date. Let”s say you met in a book shop. You might take her out to an evening meal and a posh resort, but while you’re out you casually swing by your old book shop to check out something new that she might like. You don’t have to pop the big question there, but integrating it with your evening together will bring a special flourish to the proposal.

A Hot-Air Balloon

When she likes:  Romantic chick flicks.
Advantages: It is going to give her an adventure to chat up and brag about. Ok, and let us be honest, there is something positively thrilling about drifting above the country in the afternoon, making a toast, and getting cozy with your brand new fiancée. Thinking outdoor Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe weddings here!
Disadvantages: Exactly what is the balloon-operator guy supposed to do, just awkwardly gaze in the other direction like nothing is going on, make-believe he’s talking on his cell?

The Vacation

When she wants: Things that are fun, and lots of them.
Advantages: You break free from your old routine. You can open up countless possibilities: riding horses, diving, whatever you like. You might throw in an attractive hotel. And above all, you get a smokescreen. She will not automatically assume that your enchanting activities are leading to a proposal, she’ll simply assume they are part of your holiday.
Disadvantages: It isn’t cheap. And what if she says no? That is going to be a very long plane ride home.